Spotlight on Service: Eli

Hope you have had a very happy holiday season so far!

This holiday season, I met a ten year old boy named Eli. He was helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner at our Eugene Mission event. While we were talking, I learned about a special service activity his family did on their own to help the homeless here in Eugene. As a family, they made care packages to keep in their car and hand out to those in need.  Eli described it like this,

We have seen homeless people on the street corners for a long time. My dad was getting rid of a bunch of really nice but old hiking socks and my mom suggested that we give them directly to people in need instead of dropping them off at the Goodwill. Since it was winter it seemed like a good time to do it. We looked on line and read about people making care packages for the homeless so we decided to reuse the socks in that way. We did not want to give out money with the socks so we decided to give some food, water, hand wipes, mints and dog treats for people with dogs. We went to the dollar store to get most of our supplies. 

Eli said that he felt like it was a good thing to do to help those in need. "I really liked seeing how happy and thankful they looked and acted. They always said thank you and it always put big smiles on their faces."

So glad I got to meet Eli and see his example of what Little Hands Can do!