Event Recap: Sorting Clothes at the Eugene Mission

Today's Event Recap is written by Cassie, a brand new LHC Social Media Intern. Take it away, Cassie!

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending my first Little Hands Can event. Our group met at the Eugene Mission and helped to label and organize a huge donation of clothing. The little ones had a blast cutting off tags and putting “stickers” on the clothes, while the adults folded and organized each item.

Two really amazing things happened at this event: I got to see first hand, how giving the community is to those who need it most, (there were upwards of 15 huge boxes of donated items!) but the even cooler thing was how excited the kids were to be helping. It was so inspiring seeing the joy that it brought to such young children to be helping their community. There was no complaining, no pouting and they were getting the job done faster than us adults could!

At the end of the event, we had nearly filled a giant bin full of clothes for those in need. Tabitha Eck, the Community Engagement Manager at the Eugene Mission, was so appreciative of the help. She said that our “willing hands (big and little!) and hearts came at just the right time.”

What a great reminder of how good it feels to give back, and an even greater reminder that help is welcomed in all sizes, big and little.