Simple Service: Color A Smile

Service Project: Color for Color A Smile, a nonprofit that distributes drawings to "anyone in need of a smile." 

Prep time: 2 min to print off a coloring page from their site

Cost: Free (not including postage)

Duration: 15 minutes, or however long your child wants to color

Lesson(s) learned: Even a simple drawing can brighten someone's day.

How we did it:
Want to "serve" with your kids but feel overwhelmed trying to make it happen? This is the post for you. This is by far the easiest "service" we've done. Just go to the Color A Smile site, print off a few coloring pages, let your child color away, and mail them to Color A Smile. Once received, Color A Smile matches your child's "colorful masterpieces to Senior Citizens, Our Troops Overseas, and anyone in need of a smile."  I love what they put as their purpose,

Our goal is to put smiles on people’s faces and remind them that someone is thinking of them.
— Color A Smile

Isn't that wonderful? So simple of an idea and yet so powerful to the recipients. I love that they do the work of finding people who could use some cheering up so all you have to do is color.

Kids color a lot. This project is easy to incorporate into what you'd normally be doing. Coloring pages are varied to fit any season and occasion you might have. 


We found three easy times to add Color A Smile coloring pages to what we were doing anyways: we had a mother daughter tea and colored flowery Color A Smile pages as guests arrived, 

Anna had a friend over and they colored autumn Color A Smile pages together, and we colored fruity Color A Smile pages during our fruit-themed day at preschool. If the kids are going to be coloring anyways, might as well use it to help others instead of collecting dust on your fridge. 

Enjoy coloring with a purpose!