Spotlight on Service: Small Acts Big Change

The Dundees were a family with young kids when they decided they wanted to help their children feel empowered to change the world through simple acts of kindness and service. Each year, they decided to choose a cause that as a family they could work toward for the entire year. Carolyn Dundee, the mother of the Dundee family, describes it this way, "For example, one year the girls voted to save homeless cats.  That year we fostered kittens, raised money for low-cost spay/neuter programs, we volunteered at a local cat rescue, created a supplies drive, etc. "

Something that they learned as they worked on their annual causes was that children from other families wanted to get involved as well. The Dundees formed the organization Small Acts Big Change as a way to get children all over involved in good causes. Small Acts Big Change was officially founded on January 5th, 2012 when their kids were 7 and 12.

Carolyn's daughter and one of the founders of SABC, Gracie, is now eleven. She explains her dream for her organization like this:

“My dream is to help create a world where everyone is kind and good, a world where people want to work together to make life better for everyone.  I want to grow Small Acts Big Change so that someday we have over 1 million kids to more working on kindness projects with us all over the world.  I think we can make the world a wonderful place for ALL animals and people, and I know this change has to start with kids.  Each of us really can make a big difference through small acts of kindness and service. Please don't let anyone ever stop you.”
Grace and older sister Lauren at the Ronald McDonald House

Grace and older sister Lauren at the Ronald McDonald House

This month, SABC is running a "Live KIND every day campaign." Their goal is to spread more random acts of kindness than usual this month as they use their Pay it Forward, Pass it On Cards.

Here are some ways you can get involved in this campaign:

  1. Use Pay it Forward cards to spread kindness in your own communities. You can request free Pay it Forward cards by contacting
  2. Make Valentine’s cards for residents at nursing care centers. Mail them to SABC and they'll deliver them at the care centers. Mail to: Small Acts Big Change PO Box 1374 La Canada, CA 91011
  3. Check their Facebook page for children's kindness drawings. Every child whose parents post a kindness drawing on their FB page will receive a certificate of kindness recognition from SABC.
  4. For this month, they'll post daily kindness ideas on Facebook. Be sure to check them out and do them along with them! 

SABC also runs 5 other campaigns throughout the year dedicated to empowering children to help those around them. 

  1. We Care Kit: They collect and purchase essential supplies for people in need, put a kit together, and donate to charities who distribute them.
  2. Serve Our Earth: They work on projects to beautify the environment such as cleaning up parks, beaches, streets, etc.
  3. Small Change Makes a Big Difference: They collect change to benefit a different cause/nonprofit organization each month. 
  4. No More Homeless Pets: They partner with Happy Strays and the Amanda Foundation to support spay/neuter programs and find permanent homes for unwanted animals.
  5. 9 Small Acts of Kindness: Once a month for the 9 months of the school year, they set up small charitable projects during snack recess at a local school and any students who want to participate can join in to help.

Be sure to check out their website to learn how you can get more involved with each of these campaigns during 2016 and check back to see possible future collaborations between SABC and LHC!

Small Acts Big Change is a great organization showing what little hands can do!

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