Simple Service: Heart Attack!

Service Project: heart 'attack'

Prep time: none

Cost: FREE (just use whatever art supplies you have)

Duration: 30 min, plus drying time if painting

Lesson(s) learned: Anyone can be creative enough to make someone smile

How we did it:  Valentine's Day is coming up so why not heart 'attack' someone?  This is about as easy as service goes.  Paint/color/draw on paper and then cut out hearts.  Write some cute, inspiring, or celebratory notes, whatever applies best to the person getting heart attacked, and you're all ready to sneakily 'attack.'  This project works well for all ages because the strokes can be random scribbles and it still looks cool when cut into hearts.  

Anna really likes to paint so I took some construction paper and pink paint that we happened to have and let her loose.  A little tip for other parents of toddlers: Strip them!  And put something under the paper for stray splashes.

We also colored with crayons and markers.  

The busier it got the better it looked.

All cut out and ready for an attack.  We know someone in TX who could use some extra encouragement right now so we'll write little notes on the back and send some of them in an envelope to TX.  The rest will go to some people who just moved into town and happen to have two birthdays in their family next week.  We'll write some "Happy Birthday!"-type notes on the back and tape them to their front door, ring the doorbell, and RUN!

Hope this inspired your own Valentines ideas for service!