Simple Service: Planting Trees with Friends of Trees

Service Project: Plant trees with the Friends of Trees program

Prep time: none

Cost: free

Duration: 2 hours

Lesson(s) learned:  How we can help take care of our world!

Have you heard of Friends of Trees! It's a fabulous nonprofit that helps make the world a beautiful place!

Last week we had a Little Hands Can activity with the Friends of Trees program. About 25 Little Hands Can volunteers joined the Friends of Trees volunteers to plant trees in Springfield in the greenspace where 126 meets 52nd:

Friends of Trees provided all the tools, gloves, trees, plants and delicious snacks for all the volunteers.

Volunteers worked hard and planted 17 trees and 56 shrubs.

One Little Hands Can mom, Nicole, told me later, "Today's event was extra special. We drive that stretch of freeway almost everyday, so it will be fun for the kids to watch those trees grow and know they helped plant them."

Thank you to Friends of Trees and all who came to help make this day a success!

Missed this activity but still want to get involved? Check out Friends of Trees for upcoming planting dates. Also, be sure to check out our upcoming events!