Spotlight on Service: Cornerstone

This is the week!  Tuesday we help at Grassroots Garden.  We have room for 1 more family.  Register here if you want to join us.  Wednesday those kiddos start school.  Good luck!!  Friday is National Day of Service and Remembrance.  In honor of that day, we'll be coloring placemats (like these) at Riverplay playground at Skinner's Butte Park.  Come serve with us!

Spotlight on Service: Cornerstone Community Housing

Cornerstone Community Housing is an affordable housing provider in the Eugene/Springfield area.  They offer apartment living to limited income households and services to help with personal growth and development.  Little Hands Can met with some of their program coordinators and hatched some great plans for partnering with them for their Active Kids programs. It will be so fun!

Cornerstone has a Rising Star program to promote kids being positive community members. Kids earn stars that they collect and trade in for toys and other prizes at the Rising Star Store.  It seemed like such a fun idea that we had to share it.  Maybe it will spark some ideas for your own kids. See ways Rising Star kids earn stars below.

How to earn Stars?
Keep community clean of litter.
Help out at home.
Eat healthy and get good grades.
Wear your bike helmet.
Keep your bikes and toys picked up.
Follow rules in the community center.
Report vandalism and unsafe behavior.
Play safely and respectfully at the playground.
Respect landscaping plants and bushes.
Participate and follow rules at youth activities.
Volunteer in your community center.
Be safe at the pool.

I love that they are all positive references for good behavior.  It’s always easier to encourage positive behavior than to punish bad behavior.  I could see this adapting to the home by adding a marble to a big jar whenever a good deed is noticed by someone in the family.  When the jar is full, the family gets to go on an outing together.

Hope that gave you some ideas and we hope to see you this week!  Come serve with us!