Simple Service: Preschool Shapes

Service Project: help a local preschool 

Prep time: 10 minutes to get in contact with the preschool to see what their current needs are

Cost: $5, depending on the project

Duration: 1 hour, depending on the project

Lesson(s) learned: We can help younger children

How we did it:

Remember those color paddles we made for Early Childhood CARES?  When we talked to them, they also needed 50 stars and 4 sets of colored shapes.  The shapes in particular are useful for many organizations helping young children here and abroad so we're sharing how to do them today. 

Those 50 stars were easy to cut out.  I enlisted the help of my niece and together we traced and cut out all 50 stars.


The idea of the shapes is to make identical sets with several different shapes in them, each shape having a different color.  That way if the teacher/aid/parent is working with a few children at the same time, the color and shape are always consistent and both colors and shapes can be topics of discussion.

We made sets with a rectangle, circle, star, triangle, oval, and square as requested by the preschool.  If you want to use our shapes just click here and here for the set.  Print on regular paper, cut out the shapes, and use as a template for cutting the colored shapes out.

Foam works best since it is durable and waterproof.  It can even be used in the bathtub!

I got help from another niece as well as Jillian's kids.  Remember them from the color paddles?  They were awesome with the color shapes as well, along with my nieces.  I know such great kids!

Each set went in a plastic bag.  Another option would be punching a hole in each shape and connecting them with string or ribbon; it just depends on what the preschool needs.

With stars, shapes, and color paddles, we helped a preschool get off to a great start this school year.  Hope this inspires your own project!

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