Happy Readers Help Out: 3 Books on Service

Ever wonder how to get your kids more interested in service?  One easy way to get them more service-oriented is to read about it.  Try out these three fun books with your kids today!  All are available to check out from the Eugene Public Library or to buy off Amazon.

The Spiffiest Giant in Town  by Julia Donaldson

George, the scruffiest giant in town, buys some spiffy new clothes to become the spiffiest giant in town.  Soon he comes to animals with various dilemmas.  George’s new clothes can solve their problems so one by one he gives them away.  

I won’t give away the entire ending but there’s a very cute thank you from the animals that he helped.  What I love about this book is that it shows service as being a natural instinct for this giant.  I also love that those being helped said, “thank you.”


I Can Help   by David Hyde Costello

A duck gets lost in the jungle and a monkey rescues him, starting a chain of kindness.  For example, the monkey helps the duck find his family but then starts falling from a branch only to be rescued by a giraffe.  

It teaches that it’s okay to both give and receive service.  What I love about this book is the repetitive wording.  Kids can soon guess what the next animal will say.  Even my 1 year old could say “Uh-oh” with us.  The magic is in the beautiful illustrations and what your kids tell you about what each animal is doing to help.


Miss Tizzy  by Libba Moore Gray

This one is a bit of a tear jerk-er so get those tissues handy while reading this with your kids.  Miss Tizzy is so nice to the neighborhood children.  She does lots of special ordinary things with the neighborhood kids, like making sock puppets and letting the kids put on a puppet show.  

One day Miss Tizzy gets sick.  The children decide to do all the nice things for her that she had done for them.  I love this book for so many reasons!  I love that it gives so many fun ideas for simple ways to serve others by spending quality time with them.  I love that the kids reciprocated the kind deeds.  

I love that Miss Tizzy is portrayed as a little odd to the neighbors but that the children love her for it.  I love the illustrations.  Miss Tizzy is illustrated as an old black woman with a friendly smile.  The kids are all different ages and ethnicity.  There is so much to love about this book!

Hope these help you and your kids get in the mood to serve!

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