Simple Service: Driveway Chalk Up

Service Project: Decorate someone's driveway with a fun chalk message

Prep time: some sleuthing to make sure no one will be home when you're planning to chalk

Cost: free....I'm guessing if you have kids you already have the sidewalk chalk

Duration: 15 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: I can make someone's day special

How we did it: 

We've already mentioned chalk messages a few times here but I just love sidewalk chalk too much to not give it its own post.  Seriously, I've got a chalk message fetish.  It all started in high school.  My group of friends would celebrate everyone's birthday by secretly decorating their driveways with chalk messages before they woke up.  When a new girl moved in, naturally we wrote chalk messages all over their driveway.  I even asked a guy to a dance once with a chalk message.  

How do you do it?  This is about as simple as service gets.  Choose your "victim".  Maybe someone celebrating a birthday or about to take a hard test or new to the neighborhood or make up an excuse.  Make sure the person isn't home (or is asleep).  Sneakily write in chalk all over the driveway.  Smile as you look at your piece of (temporary) art.  Run away before you get caught.  Or you can sign your name and let the person know who cared, whatever you want.

The last chalk message mission we were a part of was for an awesome friend of mine celebrating her birthday.  The four kids (ages 1-6) all had fun contributing and it was well received.  Total success.  

Go chalk someone's driveway today.  I bet you won't regret it!