Simple Service: Donating to the Foodbank

Service Project: donate food to the foodbank

Prep time: minimal

Cost: $10

Duration: 2 hours

Lesson(s) learned: we need to help those in need

How we did it:

Ruby has never been truly hungry and I don't think she knows anyone who has. This week I decided we should talk about families that maybe aren't as lucky as we are and what we can do to help them. We talked about hunger.

  • "How do you think you'd feel if we didn't have enough food?" I asked Ruby.
  • "Sad!" she was emphatic.
  • "Why would you be sad?" I was digging so we could delve a little deeper.
  • "Because I'd be hungry," then she thought for a moment and I could tell she was starting to delve a little deeper. "But Mom, why don't they just go to the store and get more food."
  • "Well, some families don't have enough money to go to the store and get more food. That's why we need to help them by giving them some food."
  • "Well, we need to give them some money too!" My heart just about melted as her loving and caring attitude was so adamant.

After our conversation we headed to the store. I had already looked up what foods our local foodbank was most in need of. I listed them off to Ruby and let her decide what she wanted to buy. We settled on a case of clam chowder. Ruby took one look at it and said, "Mom, that looks so tasty I think we need it!" I had to remind her that we were getting it for other families that needed it. Remembering wasn't hard and we were off to the checkout line.

Ruby helped me carry it in to the donation site and, though an incredibly simple service project, I feel like she learned a little more about loving and serving.

Ruby and I will continue our conversation at the next LHC event when we help in the garden that supplies food for the foodbank. You should come too! For details and registration, click here.