Simple Service: Love Letters

Service Project: Write a love letter to a stranger

Prep time: 2 minutes to check the More Love Letters website to see who needs a love letter and to get pen and paper and envelope and stamp

Cost: 49 cents (stamp)

Duration: 15-30 minutes 

Lesson(s) learned: We can contribute to a greater cause (letter bundle) to help a stranger

How we did it: 

Now before you close the window thinking that you don’t want your kid writing a mushy love letter to someone they don’t even know, just keep reading.  No mushy romantics here, just realizing that mail from a stranger can do a lot of good.

Have you heard about More Love Letters?  Hannah B. formed More Love Letters to create bundles of love letters from complete strangers.  They list letter requests from people who have nominated someone that could use some love.  The idea is that lots of people send a kind letter  by a certain deadline then the letters all get bundled and delivered together.  Is that cool or what?!  I can’t imagine anyone who’s day would not be brightened by a stack of supportive letters from all around the world.

At three years old, Ruby is not really ready to write a letter by herself but I knew she could dictate what she wanted written and I could transcribe.  Before we started, I looked up the letter requests and found one for a 6-year-old in Australia that was feeling lonely.  For older children, they could be the ones to choose which request they would respond to but I picked for Ruby the one that seemed like she could relate to the most.  

Ruby and I talked about feeling lonely, being 6, Australia, and more.  Ruby decided that this little boy needed a Batman drawing and then we got started writing.  We left room for Ivory and Anna, both 1, to add the stickers of their choice, folded it up, and sealed the envelope with one last sticker.  As we drove to the post office to mail it off to Australia, we talked more about how nice this little boy would feel to be getting a letter from so far away.  Honestly, I think at 3 years old it still felt a little too abstract for her to really understand what good she was doing.  I think this is more of a 5 years old and up project, but the younger group can certainly still get involved.  

Right now there are some Letter Requests for teenagers which would be perfect for some of your older kids.  Let's share some love today!!