Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies is a regular series on service in the media.  Ready to feel some warm fuzzies?  Read on!

You know how curious kids can be when they explore outside?  These kids totally saved a woman's life by discovering her while playing near an embankment.  Lesson learned?  Service can happen when you least expect it.

Girl Scout troop labels storm drains to help the environment.

And boys are awesome too!  Check out this admirable little boy.  Last summer he started picking up litter along paths.  This summer he is doing that plus soliciting donations of food, supplies, and time for his local food bank.  What's his advertising strategy?  He 'pays' his mom with chores for her to do a Facebook page.  Smart mom too!

Child saves her grandfather's life with call to 911.  Do your kids know how to call 911?  Always good to talk about.

What will you do this weekend to brighten someone's day?