Warm Fuzzies

Leo showing off his produce at Salad Days.   Submitted at the  Petersborough Examiner .

Leo showing off his produce at Salad Days.  Submitted at the Petersborough Examiner.

Warm Fuzzies is a regular series on service in the media.  Ready to feel some warm fuzzies?  Read on!

Two siblings, Leo and Catherine, are putting extra lettuce to good use by selling it in their Salad Days produce stand to benefit the Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Foundation.

Kids raising money for an all-abilities playground called Carly’s Clubhouse.  Read all about it here.   

Did you catch our posts on the service that kids have been doing at Old School summer camps?  Last week they made 11 excellent dog toys for the dogs at Greenhill Humane Society.  This week they made rhythm sticks for kids in Guatemala.  Stay tuned for more projects from Old School camps in the coming weeks!

Want to serve too?  Come to Riverplay at Skinner's Butte Park this Tuesday 4-6pm to help us make mini first aid kits for the homeless in Eugene.  Come serve with us!