In the News: Cleaning Up Detroit

I recently came across a news article about 30.000 Lutheran youth who met for a week-long service project cleaning up neighborhoods in Detroit.

What struck me most about this article was not the work the teens did (though that was very admirable), it was the way the teens talked about it. These teens clearly had a learning experience on the project. They learned about the existence of poverty, the dangers of racial discrimination and the importance of love.

Here are a few quotes from these teenagers:

  • “A memorable moment for me was meeting a couple ladies who lived there. They were really nice and had really strong faith considering the conditions they were living in.”
  • “There was one kid that lived in the area we were cleaning and he volunteered to work with us. I found out that he didn’t have much but he still, on his day off, chose to help us clean up and make his neighborhood better.”
  • “I enjoyed meeting the people who lived there and talked to them about what they wanted us to do. We realized that they’re just the same people that we are. We are all God’s children and in God’s eyes we’re all the same.”

How do you teach your teens these important lessons?