Simple Service: Help to Beautify the World

Service Project: Clean up litter while on a hike

Prep time: none

Cost: free

Duration: an hour (or however long your kids like to hike)

Lesson(s) learned: The world is a beautiful place and we need to help keep it clean

How we did it: 

My girls love to hike. We live in such a beautiful part of the world!

Yesterday before we left on our hike we talked about the beautiful world we live in, the animals who use the land and the plants in the woods. We decided to bring along a garbage sack to pick up the trash along the trail.

Ivory was a natural. She loves picking up small pieces of anything and putting them in a bag. A perfect 1 year old activity.

Ruby took some convincing.  At first she was worried, "I don't want to get my hands dirty, Mom." But after just a little while she was on the ground digging in the dirt to find a little piece of plastic she saw buried.  

I think we'll need to make this a tradition on our family hikes.