Spotlight on Service: Norah at Camp Yakety Yak

Norah Donaldson Sweigart is an eleven year old Portland-area girl who loves to help out. For the past two years she has served as a neurotypical peer model and friend at Camp Yakety Yak which is an inclusion camp for children with special needs. This year she decided she wanted to be a Junior Camp Counselor. She agreed to answer some questions for Little Hands Can about the service she does.

She explains that she got started through a friend of the family back in 2013 and hasn’t stopped, “I kept going till now and I will continue to go because of the impact it has made on my life.”

 She describes some of her favorite happy memories of camp this way:

 “My absolute favorite part of camp would have to be the medal giving at the end ceremonies.  It's so great to watch kids go up and stand there and experience being given a medal that is given by people you have become so familiar in just 2 weeks.  It is amazing to see and experience at the same time.”

 “A happy day at camp was this year on the last Thursday of camp, the day before field day.  It was fun and happy for me because it was the day of the obstacle course that the junior camp counselors had been planning for a week, and it was amazing.  Amazing to watch and announce the excitement that was going on while the team leaders did this.  That was definitely and will always be a big camp highlight.”

 “My favorite THING about camp would be being a Junior Camp Counselor.  I love planning and making things happen to help the camp in any way.”

 Norah is a great example of a kid who shows respect and love.

 If you’d like more information on Camp Yakety Yak, be sure to check out their website here!