Simple Service: Minion Fun!

Service Project: Make Minion ornaments to hang from IV poles at the children's hospital

Prep time: enough time to round up the supplies either in your house or at the store

Cost: a few cents per minion

Duration: about 20 minutes or so

Lesson(s) learned: It's fun to serve!

Barnes and Noble invited us to attend their Minion party and to bring a service activity for the kids to do. Minion related at first seemed far fetched, but with the help of Rock 'N Rooms, we came up with a plan.  We made 25 cute little ornaments that Rock 'N Rooms will use to decorate rooms at the local children's hospital!

It was fun to see such a large group of kids and parents working on a service project together. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

For information on how to make the minion ornaments, see this link (we added a string to make it hang-able).