Simple Service: First Aid Kits for the Homeless Shelter

Service Project: Make first aid kits for the local homeless shelter - the Eugene Mission

Prep time: enough time to round up the supplies either in your house or at the store

Cost: a few dollars - depending on how many kits you make

Duration: >10 minutes/kit

Lesson(s) learned: An extra few minutes can be used for good!

Special thanks to Imagination International for sponsoring the event!

Yesterday was Little Hand Can's first public event. We met at a local park and kids could come and go as they wanted to do a small act of service. About 40 parents and children came and we made 53 first aid kits for the Eugene Mission.

Kids and parents alike seemed to enjoy themselves. 

The kits were made in emptied pill bottles and each contained a personalized picture or note from the children, two band aids, a cotton ball, an alcohol wipe, a packet of bacitracin, and a cotton swab. The outside had a label like this:

Here are a few after they were finished:

Leading up to the event, I tried to get my daughter prepped. I spent the day explaining to my four year old, Ruby what we were going to be doing. "So will we get to play on the playground too?" she kept asking. "Of course," I'd reply, "but we also get to do a little service project for some people that might get owies and don't have the supplies to clean it up." 

When we got to the park and the event started she was eager to contribute. After a kit or so she was off to the park. I felt a sense of gratitude, though, when she came up to me again and said, "Mom, can I make another one of those things for those people?" Though her statement was completely vague (and she probably wasn't exactly sure what they were or who they were for), I was happy that at least one 4 year old at the event was beginning to grasp the spirit of service and I hope that others were as well!

Thanks to all who came and made this event fun!

Special thanks to those who contributed to the donation box. We had a total of $18.24 contributed which will go toward the $40 park fees at our next LHC in the park event on August 11th! If you'd like to donate to that event, click here. Thanks!