In the News: Kids Send Care Packages to Overseas Soldiers

Hartford kids in the summer reading program at Elmendaro Township Library were recognized this week in their local news for the service they offered to soldiers overseas. 

The kids met at the library and local veterans came to talk to them about what it is like to be serving the country. Then children put together care packages full of art work and goodies for those currently serving overseas.  I loved reading what one girl said about the event:

“I loved hearing the stories today,” said 8-year-old Trinity Windle. “My grandpa was in the Air Force and used to tell me his stories when I was going to sleep. I listened to the stories today and asked questions so I could go back and tell my grandpa that I know some stuff that he doesn’t know. I’m making a picture of two flags and an angel as my art project. I will write a big thank you note to them on the back of the picture. It makes me feel happy and excited that the troops are out there fighting for us.”

Having the veterans come to talk to the kids added a personal element they wouldn't have had otherwise. Helping kids make personal connections is key to helping kids get interested in service. Be sure to catch the whole article here.

We'd love to have guest speakers who have personal connections to the service projects we're doing come and speak at our Little Hands Can events. Could you speak at an event? Contact us if you're interested!