Happy Readers Help Out: 3 Books on Service

Ever wonder how to get your kids more interested in service?  One easy way to get them more service-oriented is to read about it.  Try out these three fun books with your kids today!  All are available to check out from the Eugene Public Library or to buy off Amazon.

How Kind!  by Mary Murphy

This board book is perfect for the youngest readers (ie. they can’t tear the pages easily).  Hen starts a chain of kindness and each farm animal finds a way they can serve another farm animal. In this book, the animal rendering service seeks out someone who could benefit from their good deeds.  

What I love about this book is that it goes over several types of service (sharing, gifts, being with someone, doing something nice for someone, etc).  Each animal discovers that he/she can serve and that it can be meaningful to the recipient.  As you read with your children, remind them that they can serve too.

I’m Good at Helping by Eileen M. Day

Although didactic, this book is a good primer on what helping is and how you can do it.  The words are large and easy for young readers and the question and answer format breaks it down into readable chunks for further discussion.  

What I love are the photos that clearly show kids serving.  I bet your child can relate to at least some of the photos in this book and start thinking of ways he/she can serve.

City Green by Dyanne DiSalvo-Ryan

Marcy helps her neighborhood transform an old vacant lot into a community garden.  Even the neighborhood grouch gets involved.  

What I love about this book is the personal nature of the story.  Readers learn about several community members and how their attitude about the garden changes over time.  I also love that it shows that anyone can makes things happen.  It’s an inspiring read for any young citizen.

DiSalvo-Ryan has several service-themed books, including Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen.

Hope these help you and your kids get in the mood for helping out!  

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