Simple Service: Popsicles to the People


Service Project: hand out popsicles on a hot day

Prep time: none

Cost: $2-5

Duration: 15 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: it’s easy to make someone’s day a little brighter

How we did it:  What’s the weather like in our neck of the woods?  It’s sweltering here and it’s only June!  Ok, so it might just be in the 80s but that’s hot enough to break out the shorts and flip-flops.  And the popsicles.  

Anna and I were doing errands and I was dying of heat.  Anna wasn’t complaining but I imagine she was dying too.  What could be done?  Popsicles.  Popsicles are just the perfect little refresher on a stick.  As we drove, we noticed lots of people out in the sunshine going about their day, some looking a little withered from the heat.  It seemed like the perfect service opportunity - we’d go buy popsicles and hand them out on our way home and enjoy some ourselves.  So, we stopped in the neighborhood bargain grocery store and I let Anna pick out a few boxes of popsicles.

(I really meant to get a photo of Anna picking out popsicles but there happened to be a nice older couple from our church also looking at popsicles and we got chatting and I forgot all about photos.  They mentioned that they had worked hard this morning and were now playing.  Grocery shopping as “play”?  I think I need to change my attitude about grocery shopping.  Anyways, back to the glorious popsicles...)

We bought the popsicles and headed straight for the poor soul selling newspaper subscriptions outside the store in the hot sun.  As we headed home, we gave out popsicles.  Popsicles are an almost guaranteed smile producer.  Try it if you don’t believe me.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the smile of a panhandler when that cold popsicle reached his tanned hands.  Once we got home, Anna and I enjoyed the popsicles that were left in the shade of our pear tree.

Adapt this idea to make it easy for you.  Slip into a convenience store and buy a few extra popsicles when you’re downtown with your kids and let them hand the popsicles out to whoever they think needs one.  Or stock your freezer with popsicles and the next time you and your kids are walking to the park let them hand popsicles out as you go.   Simple, cheap, quick.  The best part?  Everyone gets a popsicle to enjoy.