In the News: Donation Birthday Party

Have you heard of donation birthday parties?

I read an article this week where a sweet little boy decided to something special for his birthday party. Rather than accepting gifts from friends, he requested that each friend bring a teddy to donate to kids in foster care. What a sweet little boy with such a sweet idea!

My daughter has a birthday right around the corner. I showed her the picture and explained what he did. She stared very intently at the picture. She seemed to be debating whether he had made a good decision to give his presents away or whether it was foolish since he wouldn't be getting any. She clarified with me a few times to make sure she understood the story, "So he didn't get any birthday presents?" I don't think she'll be ready to do this by this upcoming birthday, but maybe down the road. 

What do you think? Would your kids be up for doing things like this? Do you have any ideas on helping kids to understand giving?