A Genuine Mom Pleading for a Simple Act of Kindness

A mother of a darling little girl with a rare skin condition posted a plea this week to the parents she sees on a daily basis. 

Her plea is not asking for a lot. She just wants other parents to be genuine with her daughter the way they are genuine with other kids. Daily she witnesses kids pointing to her daughter and questioning and daily she sees the parents parents hushing and turning their kids away.

"You’re embarrassed, and I understand that," she writes, "But we’re both parents, trying to do our best, and we both love our kids fiercely. And when you try to hide these obvious conversations that are happening right in front of us, it feels like you’re hiding from our family. It feels like the small insignificant gap between us that your child has noticed has now grown into a wide-spanning canyon that no one wants to cross."

She explains that it's okay to talk about differences. She wants her kid to make friends and have fun just like every other parent does. A simple, normal conversation at the park is all she's asking.

How do you teach your children about differences? What do you do to help them love?