Little Hands Can Needs Your Help

This summer Little Hands Can will be putting on community events to give kids the opportunity to do service projects. We will be making dog toys to donate to Greenhill; rhythm sticks, friendship bracelets and toys for international humanitarian organizations; and educational materials for kids in need. We hope to add more service opportunities to our list!

Check out our public scheduled events and keep checking back to see events we'll be adding throughout the summer. In addition to these public events, we have partnered with Old School to have some service events at their summer camps.

These events are exciting and will be great opportunities for the kids to learn about service. We need your help to make them happen! 

Here's what we're in need of:

    • We need volunteers! Whether you are interested in helping with one activity, or becoming a long time volunteer, we'd love to talk about what you could offer!
    • For the events we have scheduled now, we need:
      • fleece material
      • paints
      • beads
      • yarn/string/plastic lace
      • craft foam
      • paint
      • crayons
      • paper
    • If you can donate any of these items, please contact us today!
    • We'd love to have as many events as we can this summer, unfortunately the events aren't free. The supplies for each event cost around $25 and the park fees run about $50 per event. If you can help, please donate today!
    • LHC does service for charities. Are you involved with a charity that could use something that we could make or do? If so, contact us and let us know what you need. We'd love to make it happen!