Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies is a regular series on service in the media.  Ready to feel some warm fuzzies?  Read on!


Kids put on a lemonade stand to benefit other kids.  

More lemonade in the news:  Have you heard of Alex’s Lemonade Stand?  An Indiana girl who went through her own battle with cancer will be hosting a lemonade stand tomorrow to support other kids with cancer.

Middle schoolers learn about how repetitive, rhythmic activities can heal a traumatized brain and then decorate rocking horses for kids going through foster care and adoption.

Two pre-teens rescue children from a burning home.  Oh, and call 911.  What a rescue!

Little kids and senior citizens serve each other in a preschool set within a retirement home.  The Kickstarter for the documentary made about the center only has a few weeks left so contribute soon if you can.  We did a little Simple Service with the same idea so check back in a few weeks for how we chose to do it.

How will you serve others this weekend?