Tips for Volunteering with Kids

Wondering how to start doing service with your kids? PBS gives nine thoughtful tips on how to start and what to do here.

These are the tips they list:

  • Be a giving role model: “When a parent or guardian is involved, the child often looks forward to the activity even more, and you get to share this special time with your child.”
  • Find something fun: “Community service doesn't have to be a chore. Find something that interests your child or family.”
  • Find something easy: “Volunteering doesn't have to take up an entire day if you don't want it to.”
  • Make it part of the family schedule: “If you make it part of the family routine, you can instill the notion that your family values giving their time and helping hands to those in need.”
  • Create your own opportunity: “A few options that you can do with your child include fund raising, such as a walkathon, a lemonade stand or bringing a Unicef can with you when you trick-or-treat.”
  • Think beyond volunteering: “...taking your child on a field trip to expose them to an important social issue, such as homelessness, animal rescue or saving the environment”
  • Learn from other generations: “Senior centers are great options for older children to visit and spend time talking, reading or even watching TV with seniors whose relatives may not live nearby.”
  • Enlist your friends and family: “Once you catch the giving spirit, consider asking your family and friends to join in.”

What has made volunteering easier for your family? What aspects of service remain a struggle for you?

Which of these things would you like to try implementing?