Simple Service: Thank You Note to the Mayor

Service Project: send a thank you note to the mayor

Prep time: minimal

Cost: a postage stamp

Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: the importance of showing gratitude

How we did it:

Sometimes I feel like my one year old, Ivory, lives in the shadow of her talkative older sister Ruby. Ruby’s personality is bubbly, excited, friendly and demanding. Ivory usually has to sit back and go along with whatever Ruby has decided we’ll do. One on one teaching moments with Ivory can be few and far between.

Last weekend I had a special opportunity to have a one on one teaching moment with Ivory while Ruby went with my husband on a campout. While they were gone, Ivory and I decided to do a simple service project together. We decided to write a little “thank you” to our town’s mayor. A quick google search gave me plenty of American flag coloring pages to choose from and I copy/pasted one into a brief thank you note I’d written in word. When I printed it off I explained to Ivory what we were going to do. I talked about the hard work that community officers put in for us. I told her the importance of gratitude. I explained how she can brighten a person’s day. With her sippy cup in one hand and a marker in the other, she got to work coloring the picture. The American flag soon became orange and the words I’d written had a blue background. We folded it up, put it in an envelope and mailed it off.

I’m not sure how much Ivory understands, but I think one year olds understand more than we often give them credit for. Though she might not have understood exactly what was going on, I’m glad we had the opportunity to begin to learn about gratitude in a simple one on one teaching moment. And hopefully the letter made the mayor’s day just a little bit brighter!