Serving Dads

That daddy is getting spoiled this Father's Day.

That daddy is getting spoiled this Father's Day.

Father’s Day is coming up quick!  Are you ready?  Why not make serving the honored father a major part of this Father’s Day?  We’ve rounded up some great service-oriented Father’s Day ideas for you to try this year.  Easy, cheap, and meaningful, just like Daddy likes.

Why serve dad?  We should teach our children to serve everyone but sometimes that idea is too abstract to a child whose world is here and now and the service is for someone far away that they don’t know.  Serving daddy is a perfect way for kids to see how much their service can brighten the day of the recipient, and to see how good they feel when they’ve helped someone.  Fathers are so important in their children’s lives; let’s make sure they feel appreciated this Father’s Day.

Start the day with breakfast in bed.  Dads will love being served a yummy kid-made breakfast from the comfort of their beds.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be the only day that Dad gets treated special.  Give Dad a coupon book so the service can continue throughout the year.  Just make sure that the coupons are age-appropriate for your kids so they can take pride in doing the act of service themselves.  There are some printable coupons that your kids can color and give to Dad at Penny Pinchin' Mom and 3 Boys and a Dog.

Aren't these adorable? Go print it out.  Photo credit TinyMe.

Aren't these adorable? Go print it out. Photo credit TinyMe.

Give Dad a book full of the kids’ memories of him.  This will be fun for both Dads and kids to look back on in years to come.  There are some great printables at The Measured Mom  and TinyMe and Eighteen25.

I’m not very sentimental so crafts that the kids make quickly get tossed at our house unless they’re also useful.  A lot of Dads are like that too.  So, here are some fun crafts that the kids can make that will actually get used.  Daddy will love being reminded of each child as he uses his new things.   A painted clay key/change/cellphone holder.  Decorated golf balls (a good project for even the littlest of Daddy’s admirers).  A decorated e-reader stand for the techy types.  I suggest letting the kids do the decorating and let them do it however they want.  If you have kids of various ages, it would be so cute for the older kids to make this car shirt for dad that the younger kids could use to give him a back massage.

Consider alternatives to the traditional gifts.  Go on a family outing to one of Dad’s favorite spots for some cherished family memories.  Surprise him with a visit to an old friend.  Donate to Dad’s favorite charity in his name.   He probably won’t miss yet another tie.

How will you serve daddy this year?

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