Introducing.... Little Hands Can!

To start things off, perhaps we should explain the who, what, when, where,  why, and how of Little Hands Can.  Now and where we’d like to take it.


Who?  We are two real moms who love their kids.  “Real” in that our living rooms usually have toys scattered around and that mascara doesn’t make it out of the makeup bag most mornings.  But, we love our kids and that’s what really matters, right?  I sure hope so. More about us in About Us.

What?  We want our kids to help others in big ways and small.  And we want them to enjoy doing it.  Little Hands Can gives ideas for your kids and mine to serve in our families, the community, and the world.  Little Hands Can also organizes events for lots of children to come together to serve.  Like a giant happy party of goodness.  Speaking of parties, we’ve got some big ideas that we’ll share as things gain momentum.

When?  Now.  Or maybe when your kids get home from school or wake up from their naps.  Just go and make someone's day already!  It's not that hard.

Where?  Well, service can happen anywhere.  We hope that no matter where you are the service ideas we post can be fuel for serving with your own kids.  We’re based out of Eugene, Oregon and will be hosting our events there too.  As this grows, we hope to expand the events to other areas as well and provide more opportunities for national and even international involvement.  

Why?  My daughter is only 1 so I find myself thinking “Why bother?” a lot.  Why bother with story time at the library when she won’t be reading for years?  Why bother to go to toddler open gym when she won't remember it when she's older?  We do a lot of things for our kids that might not make any difference to them.  But it might.  

Let’s be real.  When it comes to service, it might not ever make a difference to our kids.  But it’s really not about them.  It might make a big difference in someone else’s life.  Or it might not.  No matter the outcome, we believe it’s important to try.

There are real needs all around us.  Lonely people in need of smiles and listening ears, hungry people with bellies to feed, displaced people with lives to piece back together, and the list goes on and on.  US President, Barack Obama, asked all Americans to serve their communities (see United We Serve for more info) and that includes the littlest among us too.  Kids have time and enthusiasm that us adults can only wish for.  Let them serve!  

How?  We’ll be doing any prep work (information, examples, printables) for you to do each service activity and either inviting you to come do it with us at an event or telling you all about it in the blog.  And making it as fun as possible.  Fun is important too you know.


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