Simple Service: 2016 Changepot for Charity

Service Project: Decorate a changepot to collect money for charity

Prep time: minimal

Cost: $1

Duration: 20 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: The importance of giving to those in need.

I recently came across a blog about "changepots". Have you heard of them? The idea is simple. You just remember to bend down and pick up every penny, nickel or dime that you see on the street then put it in your pot. The change adds up and you end up with a lot more money than you'd ever realize. I thought we might as well give this a try - but with a twist. We decided to try making a Changepot for Charity. Here's how it works:

My two daughters (ages 1 and 4) and their 11 year old cousin each decorated a Dollar Tree piggy bank. Now, they're going to have a contest who can find the most amount of money during 2016. At the end of the year, we'll see who wins the contest, and all of the money will be donated to charity.

We decided that we will donate to a charity that supports Syrian refugees. Having a simple conversation about why we need to help the refugees while the kids painted was really a good experience. My 11 year old nephew did an amazing job explaining it simply to my preschool age girls. "A refugee," he told them, "is someone who lives in a country that is really dangerous because of war. They need to escape from where they live quickly so that they can be safe." 

My 4 year old understood why it was important immediately. Even though I'd told her it was just for money she finds on the street, she emptied out her personal piggy bank into the Changepot for Charity. I said, "Ruby, you know you don't have to use your own money if you don't want to." She replied very matter of fact with, "Well, I want to." So glad to see her little heart wanting to help families in need.

What do you think? Could a Changepot for Charity be something your family could do to Spread the Spark during 2016?

And she painted her belly to match her Changepot!

And she painted her belly to match her Changepot!