Simple Service: Gift Wrapping at OSLC

Each year the Oregon Social Learning Center  (OSLC) has a Giving Tree program where they give Christmas presents to families in need. This year they invited Little Hands Can to wrap the presents.

OSLC worked really hard to organize everything in a way that families' toys didn't get mixed up. They set out wrapping materials at work stations and then included the presents for each person in a box so that they'd be kept separate.

In total, there were about 150 presents that needed wrapping.

40 people (including parents and children) came to help complete the task. Families worked together and the 150 presents were wrapped in less than an hour and a half!

In addition to the wrapping, children worked on two mini projects:

1. They made Christmas cards to add to the ones that Cornerstone kids made. These cards will go on the pillows of each person at the Eugene Mission on Christmas Eve.

2. They made placemats to go to the seniors at Meals on Wheels for Christmas.

A lot was accomplished at the wrapping party! We were so glad to have so many little hands doing so much work! Thanks to all who came!