Simple Service at Cornerstone Active Kids Program

A few months ago, we talked about the good that Cornerstone Community Housing does in the community with their after school Active Kids program. 

During the month of November, we had the opportunity to attend these Active Kids and see those sweet kids in action!

At each Active Kids program, we talked about gratitude, listed the things that we are grateful for and decorated the room with gratitude leaves.

We then talked about how since we have a lot to be grateful for, we can help others. Kids worked on two projects to serve those around us.

First, kids made toys and friendship bracelets for humanitarians to bring to kids in Haiti.

Next, the kids made Christmas cards to go on the beds at the Eugene Mission on Christmas Eve.

The kids were really sweet as they worked hard on their activities and talked about how they can show love. They were great at showing what Little Hands Can do!