Simple Service: Thanksgiving help at the homeless shelter

Thanks to everyone that came to the Eugene Mission yesterday to help them get ready for their Thanksgiving feast!  See pictures of your cuties and the service rendered below.

Did you see the New York Times article last month about teaching children to give to others?  Ron Lieber writes about sharing stories from your family's history of times when your family was helped by others as a way of helping your children understand about giving to others.  

As I read that article, with yesterday's food prep at the homeless shelter fresh in my mind, I couldn't help but think of a story my grandmother would tell of generous strangers while her family was traveling.  It was back in rural Texas during the Great Depression and her family was moving with all their belongings.  They stopped on the side of the road for the night.  A man from a nearby farmhouse came down to ask if they needed help and ended up inviting them in for dinner.  They shared a nice warm meal and the family offered to let my grandmother's family stay the night at their house and fed them a delicious breakfast before sending them on their journey.  Super nice, right?!  I hope that re-telling stories like that help motivate my children to serve others.

Which brings us to yesterday at the food bank.  I hope your kids saw the good they were doing as they helped get Thanksgiving dinner ready and wanted to do more! 

At the Eugene Mission, we separated into groups.  Some manly men (uhmm, boys) went off to peel piles of potatoes.  I didn't get any pictures but just imagine hundreds of potatoes getting ready to be mashed potatoes.  Another group of big kids and their parents went over to de-bone turkey.  The qualification on that job was being able to differentiate between bone and meat and being able to resist eating it all.  Not everyone qualified, which led to the littlest hands' tasks.

Little hands got to-go boxes ready to be filled with food so that everyone that comes for Thanksgiving dinner can also head home with another meal for themselves or someone else.  

After those little hands got the to-go boxes prepped, they decorated Happy Thanksgiving cards to adorn the tables during the special meal.

Some of the completed cards.  We're missing a Thanksgiving mermaid, among others.  They were all so cute and creative!

If you didn't catch us yesterday, don't despair!  This could easily be done at your local homeless shelter any time of year.  Just get in contact with the volunteer coordinator and see when/how your family can best help.

You also have plenty of other service opportunities through Little Hands Can this holiday season and next year.  From wrapping presents to caroling to planting trees and beyond, there are ways that Little Hands Can serve.  Even out-of-towners can join in on the fun by coloring placemats.  Check our Events page for all the details.  Come serve with us!