Spotlight on Service: Senior Visits

We love doing Spotlight on Service posts, highlighting the good that YOU are doing in the community that you live.  Today’s Spotlight on Service post is a special one for me because these folks are so dear to my heart.  

I want you to meet my friends, Jordan and Janna.  They’re awesome people doing awesome things for others.

Once a week, Jordan takes Janna to the assisted living facility near their home.  They greet the people walking their dogs outside and then settle in the lobby where they chat with whoever happens to be sitting there.  They make such a great team, Janna winning everyone over with her cuteness and Jordan being so genuinely interested in the conversations.  If Janna feels up for more, they move on to the beauty parlor or roam the halls to brighten peoples’ days.  They’ve come enough times that Jordan remembers some of the peoples’ (and their dogs’) names and they remember Jordan and Janna.  


Jordan snapped this and the next picture of her little girl loving on some new friends.


It’s a simple thing, 30 minutes out of their morning once a week, and doesn’t cost a penny.  The difference they’re making, though, for the people they chat with is great.  The world needs more Jordan and Jannas.  Every person, young or old, is important and every smile makes the world a better place.


Thanks, Jordan and Janna, for serving others!  Do you know anyone doing some great service in their community?  We'd love to hear about it!