Little Hands Can is a 501(c)3 nonprofit!

Guys, guys, guess what?!  We’ve got 501(c)3 status!  Little Hands Can is now an approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization!  That’s pretty exciting for us.  What that means for us is that we don’t have to pay federal income taxes on business-related income and that we have a lot more options for grants and collaborations.

What does it mean for you?  It’s pretty exciting for you too.  Your donations to Little Hands Can are tax-deductible.  Three cheers for tax write-offs!  

We decided to celebrate by giving away a service party.  All donations made in October 2015 will be eligible for a free service party!  Just check that box saying "yes, I want to be entered in a drawing for a free service party" when you donate.  If you are in the Eugene/Springfield area, we'll come to your party with all the supplies and enthusiasm for a great service project.  If you're out of town, we'll ship you a box of awesome (ok, actually a box with all the materials and simple instructions to complete your own project).  It would make a great birthday party or even just a super cool play date.  

We hope that you will donate to Little Hands Can.  We help kids do service.  That’s like being double awesome, right?  Not only are we teaching kids kindness, confidence, and joy but also we’re serving the community and the world through the acts of service rendered.  

We have big plans for 2016.  We estimate that it would take $13,520 to have an event every week in 2016.  An event a week would be so cool!  Think of all the kids we could reach and all the good we could do!  But, we need your help to make that happen.  Donate, come to our events, try out some Simple Service projects with your own family, volunteer with us, spread the word.

Thanks for helping us help others!  And, as always, come serve with us!

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