Simple Service: Child Health Day

Service Project: Talk about health and help someone else to be healthy

Prep time: 0 minutes

Cost: $5

Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: We can be healthy and help others to be healthy too!

How we did it:

October 5th was Child Health Day in the U.S. In honor of that day, I decided to have a little conversation with Ruby and Ivory about healthy food.  We talked about why healthy food is important. We listed what it does for our bodies and our minds. The girls were cute as we listed healthy foods. Ruby was good at naming them and Ivory was good at nodding in agreement. I'd say things to Ivory like "Are apples healthy?" and in her very cute 1 year old way she would nod and say "ya ya ya". Ruby would chime in with questions for Ivory as well, "Are carrots healthy?" and Ivory would give her the same one year old nod and "ya ya ya."

After we talked about what is healthy for us I brought up the fact that some kids don't get to eat healthy food as often as we do. We talked about the day we bought soup for the food bank and the day we harvested kale at the Grassroots Garden

"Mom, so what are we going to do today?" Ruby was eager to do something and I can learn a lot from the generosity that she has.

We had to drive across town and we decided to grab the bag of mandarin oranges out of our fridge and give them to the homeless people we saw on our ride. As we drove, we passed them out whenever we saw people in need. 

Though Child Health Day is over, it's never too late to talk about health to your child. or to share with those who need it!