Simple Service: Decorated Pumpkins

Service Project: Decorating pumpkins to give away

Prep time: none

Cost: $1 or so for a pumpkin

Duration: 15 minutes (plus time picking out a pumpkin and delivering)

Lesson(s) learned: We can share the fun crafts we do with others

How we did it:

Fall is such a fun time of year!  It’s my favorite season as long as I don’t think about winter looming ahead.  A fall favorite activity for my family is going to the pumpkin patches in town and picking out a special pumpkin to take home.  I think we've been to all the major pumpkin patches in the area and they've all been so fun!  

I shouldn’t be admitting this, but this post was most definitely motivated by selfish intentions.  I really like the whole idea of going to a pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin but then I’m not really into having a bunch of pumpkins on my porch.  So, what better way to make them disappear than to give them away to people who will appreciate them?  

We went three  routes with our pumpkin decorating: painting, drawing, and carving.  Carving wasn’t anything spectacular (or should I say, spook-tacular?).  It was the messiest option but Anna loved playing with the guts and seeds so it was fun messy and got me to mop my kitchen floor afterwards.  It was also the least kid friendly since there were sharp knives involved.  

Drawing would be really fun for an older child.  I came across these super cute Sharpie Owl Pumpkins from Ashley Hackshaw and gave it a try during Anna’s nap.  Mine’s not quite as cute but at least Anna recognized the eyes.  



Your kid could probably do better or, better yet, make up their own cool design.  When Anna woke up, we went on a walk and dropped the owl pumpkin off to a grateful friend.  Random act of kindness #1 success!

Painting was definitely the most kid friendly.  I stripped Anna and Ivory down to their diapers and took them outside for some open-ended painting fun.  Anna got distracted by our garden hose and didn’t really paint.  Ivory, though, loved it and painted that pumpkin like a pro.  Keeping to 1 color paint seemed to look best with the random smudges of this age group but older kids could handle more colors and really make a cool design.  Once the paint dried, I added our friend’s name in sparkly stickers and Anna and I dropped it off for her birthday.  She was thrilled.  Random act of kindness #2 done!  

Still have some plain pumpkins sitting on your porch or a trip to the pumpkin patch planned?  Decorate them and share the joy!  You won’t regret it!

Guys, you’ve got 4 days left to donate to Little Hands Can and be entered in a drawing for a free service party!  As of the time of this post, you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning!  The odds are in your favor!