Simple Service: Cards for the Veterans at the Homeless Shelter

Service Project: Make Veteran's Day cards for vets living at the local homeless shelter

Prep time: just enough time to gather the paper, scissors, glue, crayons and stickers

Cost: minimal

Duration: about 10-15 minutes a card

Lesson(s) learned: A little about veterans and a little about homelessness.

How we did it:

It's been a while since we've had a public Little Hands Can activity and Ruby has certainly been looking forward to this. She's very social and her favorite part of the activities seems to be making new friends and trying to do new things. My favorite part of the activities is the natural flow of discussion that we have at home in preparation. For this activity we made Veteran's Day cards to go on the breakfast table at the local homeless shelter on Veteran's Day. Preparing for this event fostered discussion on two important topics:

  1. Ruby and I talked about veterans. We practiced saying the word (turns out it's kind of difficult to say). We listed the veterans among our family and friends. We discussed how veterans have helped us, how they've served us and the importance of their work. We kept our conversation fun and basic with the goal to develop a basic understanding of veterans.
  2. I mentioned that some veterans live at the Eugene Mission. We talked about homelessness and what we can do to help. We've discussed this topic various times before (see here and here for some examples), but we still need to review.

This party was hosted by Ballet North West Academy. They were having Nutcracker auditions and a dance party going on so it was fun to have those ballet students trickle through and make some cards while they waited for their turns. Additionally, we had people come who weren't ballet students but wanted to serve with us. As the children worked, we talked about the cards and why we were making them. The kids were eager to help and happy to pitch in. I loved watching the beautiful work those little hands created!

I hope that the kids continued their conversations at home.  What better way to learn and discuss than to do it while serving?

If you were at the event, tell us in the comments section about any conversations you had at home!

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