Fall & Halloween Service Ideas

Fall is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner.  Both are great excuses to do some extra service with your kiddos.  Check out our ideas below and try one out with your family soon.  Click on the photos from other sites to go directly to the details of that project on the respective sites.

Rake someone’s leaves.  Happy Money Saver has a cute printable to go along with the bagged leaves.

Pick apples from a local orchard and take some to a neighbor.  Everyone loves freshly picked apples, right?

Invite someone to join in on your family's fall activities.  Going to a pumpkin patch?  Picking those apples?  Driving around to see the fall leaves?  Exploring a corn maze?  Invite someone along who wouldn’t otherwise get to go.  Chances are your children have a friend or classmate that would love the opportunity.

Bake pumpkin bread.  Make the "World's Best Pumpkin Bread" from Frugal Girls and give the extra loaf away.  Need something simpler?  North Carolina Charm has a 2 ingredient recipe that would be super simple and quick to do with the kids.

Now for some more Halloween-y ideas:

Trick or treat for canned food to donate to the local food bank or trick or treat for UNICEF.  Did you see our Facebook post about that?  Go to UNICEF's trick or treating website  for more information.

Speaking of Facebook posts, did you see our post about the 13 days 'til Halloween service project from The Crafting Chicks?  It's quite a commitment to drop something off 13 days in a row but kudos to anyone that does it!  

For a "spooky" project, dust off the cobwebs at a local cemetery.  Those old pioneer cemeteries especially look spooky and could use some TLC.  Even better, take some spooky photos of the kids before you start.  We took the photo above a few years ago but I want to do it again now that we've got a kid.  

Carve or decorate a pumpkin for someone.  We've got a full post planned for later in the month with all the details to make it work with toddlers.

Bake a treat like Ooey Goey Monster Eye Cookies from Lil' Luna or a special Halloween treat from Betty Crocker's list of ideas and surprise someone with it  My mom used to always make "witch's hat" cookies by putting a Hershey Kiss in the center of chocolate peanut butter cookies.  There are lots of Halloween-y ideas out there.  Give one a try and then give some away.  

We've got another great Halloween-themed service project for Wednesday that could make great use of those monster eye cookies or any other Halloween treat so check back Wednesday!

Let us know if you try out any of these ideas.  And we'll see you at our next Little Hands Can event, Oct 24th at Ballet North West Academy!  Come serve with us!

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