Simple Service: Kids Feeding the Hungry

Simple Service:  Kids Feeding the Hungry

Depending on the state, the process of getting a food permit can be pricy and lengthy. It is not surprising that most organizations and members of the general public just don’t have the time or funds to do it. But we want our kids to learn how to care for the less fortunate. We want to show them how to feed the world. How can we accomplish this when there are hoops to jump through?

Well, recently, a small elementary school in Texas took hunger by the horns (that’s a little Texas humor for you). When the school learned that the local food bank was running out of a pretty particular set of ingredients, they wasted no time to jump into action. It turns out, the local food bank was in dire need of peanut butter and jelly!

Simple Service: Visit a Skilled Nursing Facility

Simple Service:  Visit a Skilled Nursing Facility

My name is Stephanie. I am a mama to two wonderful little boys and I firmly believe that it is my job, and yours, as a parent, among other things, to teach our little ones to have empathy, giving hearts, and show kindness towards the people in our communities.

A great way to demonstrate these traits mentioned above to our children is through simple acts of servitude; acts that are not done for the sake of boasting your own greatness, for seeking thanks or praise, or for any kind of return of investment.

Things that are done merely out of the kindness of your heart.

Simple and genuine acts that are performed just for the sake of brightening another person’s day, even if for just a moment.

One fantastic way to serve your community and, even more, an often times forgotten population, is to take a visit to your local nursing facility.

Simple Service: Crisis Center Donations

Simple Service:  Crisis Center Donations

My children and I have a heart for community service.  We have a continual “list” of what we want to do running through our minds.  Who can we help?  How can we help?  This list frequently comes up in conversations when we are together...mainly in the van and at the dinner table.  We discuss how we can help brighten someone’s day, and begin with some loose plans. It’s fun to share our ideas as a family. Over the last couple years, the three of us have each left a piece of our heart at our local not-for-profit children’s crisis center.