Simple Service : Treats for Friends

Service can mean different things to different people.  Making goodies and taking them to friends and neighbors might be a long shot, but it's one form of "service" we enjoy doing as a family.  My daughter recently finished up preschool for the summer, which was bittersweet for her.  Her teacher was a special friend that she misses seeing on a daily basis, but we've stayed in contact with her.  For a surprise, we made hand pies to take to Miss Dorothy. 

Simple Service: Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Simple Service:  Cards for Hospitalized Kids

My boys and I spent quite a bit of time looking through the Cards for Hospitalized Kids website, reading about hospitalized children throughout the country who are suffering or facing challenges many of our children (and their parents) cannot even imagine, and discussing the touching stories about the comfort, hope, and uplifting effect cards have had on them.  It opened up a nice discussion about gratitude and reaching out to comfort those who need it most.  We decided to make our own cards to donate to CFHK.  Here is how it works:

Simple Service: Golden Friends

Simple Service: Golden Friends

We have a golden friend that my kids and I adore, and she love us as well. We’ve talked about being friendly with senior citizens before on our site. Not only online, but in practice we have an entire weekly program, Happy Helpers, during the school year that encourages little kids to mingle with seniors. So this topic isn’t new. However, I wanted to add a new angle by talking about a true, lasting friendship with someone of an older generation. Our golden friend has become a real presence in my kids’ lives and it means the world to us.