Simple Service: Hospital Care Kits for Kids

There's been a few occasions when my children have been in the hospital, whether it was for their own ailments or even to visit someone else. During those times they were gifted with a large ziplock bag filled with little toys and things to do. It really helped them to feel calmer and happy. One of my daughters still keeps the little stuffed dog in her bed that was given to her in one of those gift bags. So we were excited to make some of those bags to give back to others.

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Ashley BohananComment
Simple Service: Anyone, Any Age

When looking for volunteer opportunities that welcomed children and had flexible schedules I was surprised to not find any. At the time my kids were four, three and one. Yes they were little and yes I had my hands full but I love to volunteer and wanted to start teaching that to my children. Many people assume kids can’t help, they don’t understand and do not want to participate however I have found the exact opposite. This is one of the reasons I created Box of Balloons, a nonprofit on a mission to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. 

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Simple Service: Helping Animals with Kids Who Care

There are lots of ways to help others, and not all of those ways include humans. We've got some bleeding hearts over here for animals as well, so we like to find ways to help them also. I had recently learned about an animal sanctuary nearby. I contacted the owner and asked her about any needs they had and she suggested we make some animal enrichment toys to donate. After searching the internet for a while I came up with the best ideas that I could that would be easy for my kids and the other kids making them with us, but would also be useful for the animals.

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