What is Little Hands Can?

Little Hands Can is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering children, of any age, to better their communities by connecting them with service opportunities.  We believe that every child and every act of service makes a difference. Through our programs and events, we strive to enable and encourage children from all backgrounds to become civically-minded, compassionate, helpful world citizens and leaders.  


Our Programs


Happy Helpers

Preschool-age kids meet with seniors at an assisted living facility and together make items to be donated to local charities.

Best for:  Ages 0-6




Community Events

Community service events are organized twice a month for families to serve together at local charities.

Best for: Families with kids of all ages

Grow & C.A.R.E. 
(Compassion, Action, Responsibility, & Empathy) 

Formerly known as the After School Program, Grow & C.A.R.E. brings children in Eugene's schools together weekly to do hands-on service projects. This program seeks to empower and inspire children from diverse backgrounds to be our next generation of civic-minded leaders. 

Here is what one of our Grow & C.A.R.E. teachers had to say about the after school program she led:

"I am so proud of the awesome projects these kids have done and the thoughtful conversations they have had with each other on a wide range of really important issues from school shootings, to homelessness, to immigration. They have made posters to educate their classmates about endangered animals, world peace, racism and how to care for the environment. They have written to the president of the United States, State Representatives, and the Mayor of Eugene and some students even received replies! They have made toys for dogs in shelters, blankets for kids in foster care, and first aid kits for the homeless. I am most proud of the way they have practiced their powers of observation, creativity, and self-advocacy to think about what problems exist in the world around them and what actions they themselves can take to work on them."

Best for:  Elementary School Kids

Kids After School.jpg
Kindness Camp 2018

Kindness Camp 2018

Kindness Camp

Kindness Camp provides kids the opportunity to have fun while growing their skills of kindness and generosity towards themselves and others.  Each day focuses on a a different pillar of giving.  We explore these themes through art, music, and community service projects. 

Best for: Ages 3-6

Our goal is to expand the age ranges of Kindness Camp in future years.