On Site Intern for After School Program

Work Schedule: Tuesdays from 2:35-5:05

Hours per Week: 2.5

Compensation: Unpaid Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

Employment Start Date: January 8, 2019

Employment End Date: June 8, 2019 but potential to continue into next year.

Are you interested in going into a field working with kids and becoming more connected with your community? This volunteer internship opportunity may be perfect for you!

Position Description: An on site intern works closely with a supervisor to plan and coordinate activities in a small-group classroom setting. The intern will facilitate discussions and help the children complete tasks.


1. Must be good with kids.

2. Must be creative. 

3. Must work well with others. 

4. Must be willing to complete a background check.

Description of the Program:

Little Hands Can (LHC) partners with the BEST (Boosting Enriching Students Today) program, an afterschool program to reach underserved child in the Eugene 4J school district at four elementary schools. The LHC After School Program is an elective that the children can choose to take as part of their time with the BEST Program. The curriculum is carried out by the LHC staff members who lead the service elective for 2-4 hours each week at 2-4 schools, during recurring five week sessions.

In the service elective, students will learn about different issues and participate in classroom service projects. The program is designed to broaden the children’s understanding of their community, empower them as they learn that they can make a difference, and help them gain an understanding of their civic duty. The LHC Afterschool Program fulfills our mission by connecting low-income children with opportunities to better the community. The program seeks address the root cause of social problems by helping children identify concerns and work on solutions to address those problems. The After School Program transform children into the next generation of civic minded leaders.

It is anticipated that 180 students will be served in the third year of the LHC community service elective. Students benefit from the LHC Afterschool Program as they gain more confidence, self-efficacy and tolerance as they increase their understanding of social issues. Individuals served by the local non-profits that receive service provided by the children volunteer will indirectly benefit as well.

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