1.  What ages are appropriate for Little Hands Can events?

    • We usually cater our community events for Babies-12 years old but older siblings are always welcome to come help too.  We will let you know on the event page if we need to limit the age range for any reason (usually at the request of another organization we are helping) or have a suggested age range due to the nature of the activity but otherwise we trust parents to use their best judgement in picking which events will be appropriate for their children's age and abilities.  Little Hands Can do a lot of good, no matter how young.

  2. Can I drop off my child or do I need to stay with them at community events?

    • NO!  Our community events are meant for families to serve together.  We expect parents to supervise their own children. Only our Kindness Camp allows for parent drop-off.

  3. Is there a fee for your community events?

    • Nope!  We want service to be accessible to everyone so our community events will always be free.  There are, however, expenses involved in running events so we greatly appreciate donations.

  4. Can I sign up for a group?

    • If you are registering for more than just your family, please contact us directly before signing up.  Depending on the event, we may be limiting total number of participants.  Additionally, it is easier to contact everyone for event details and reminders if families sign up themselves on our site,

  5. I want to become more involved with Little Hands Can.  What should I do?

  6. How did you get started?

    • Little Hands Can started with two moms that wanted to give their kids opportunities to be kind.  Read more on Our History page.

  7. How is Little Hands Can funded?

    • YOU!  We rely on your generous donations as well as lots of volunteer power to make Little Hands Can run smoothly.  Donate today and support the children in our community as they help other organizations doing good in our community and around the world.  Little Hands Can is a 501(c)3 non-profit so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.  We accept both monetary and in-kind donations; please check our donation page for more information.  If you know of other funding opportunities that might be a good fit for Little Hands Can, Contact Us.