Little Hands Can Mission Statement  

Little Hands Can is dedicated to

inspiring and empowering children

to better their communities by

connecting them with

local service opportunities.  

Little Hands Can Team

Ashley Bohanan, Executive Director


Ashley is a mom of two sweet and busy boys, ages 5 and 2.  A Speech/Language Pathologist by trade, she is passionate about helping those in need and making positive changes in people’s lives.

One day, she was talking to her oldest son (then 4) about children who live without the security of regular meals, toys, clothing, and even homes.  Immediately, he started gathering toys, clothes, and books and piling them into a box to give to "other boys who need them."  This kind gesture by someone so small made Ashley recognize children’s innate helpfulness.  It further drove her desire to find opportunities for her sons to continue to take pride, make a difference, and feel ingrained in their community by helping others.  That was when she found Little Hands Can, and it has been, in a word, life-changing!

Ashley hopes to bring her passion for giving back to Little Hands Can in a way that will teach our children the importance of kindness, empathy, and gratitude and to create programming that produces compassionate leaders.  Little Hands Can make the world a better place!

In her spare time, Ashley loves to run, read, be outside as much as possible, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Rachel Henderson, Managing director


Rachel began volunteering for Little Hands Can as a way to introduce community outreach to her two daughters (1 and 6). Service to others has always been a passion of hers and one she wants to share and pass on to her children.

Rachel’s educational background includes a master’s degree in social work (MSW) with a concentration in mental health. She has worked in the public and private schools as a school counselor, school social worker and consultant. Rachel is excited to take on this new role and is looking forward to merging her professional training with her wish to empower her daughters to give back.

Rachel’s hobbies include getting crafty and creative with any medium that comes her way. She loves cooking, music, traveling and getting out with her family to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Oregon has to offer.

Edon Davenport, Development Director

Edon volunteers with Little Hands Can as the Development Director. She has professional fundraising experience working with non-profits in the Chicago area, with an emphasis in grant writing and special events. Edon holds a masters degree in Human Relations and Business and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

In her spare time, Edon enjoys yoga, being outdoors and spending time with her husband and children.  Edon says that the best part of working with Little Hands Can is watching her children find joy in serving others.

Miriam Clark, Community Events Director

Miriam is founder of Little Hands Can. She came up with the idea for Little Hands Can as a way of teaching her inquisitive girls about social issues through hands on service.  She sees the need for children in the community to learn about the world around them and that as small as their hands may be, they can make a difference.  

Miriam stepped down from her position as Executive Director in 2018 in order to start a PhD program at the University of Oregon. She still oversees community events.    

Miriam enjoys running, swimming, hiking and, most importantly, spending time with her husband and two girls.  

Jaime Bergeson, Secretary | Board of Directors 


Jaime is originally from Salt Lake City.  She moved to Oregon with her family 10 years ago.  She is a stay at home mom of three busy children 12, 10 and 6.  Her family loves that Little Hands Can allows them to serve at a young age. 

Jaime enjoys family bike rides, reading and long walks with her dog.



Jessica is the financial wizard of Little Hands Can. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Accounting and is a licensed CPA in the state of Oregon. She is the President of FiscalWorks, which allows her to bring her technical financial expertise to small to medium sized nonprofits.

Jessica is the mom of a happy and (very) busy 6 year-old boy. As a recent Portland transplant, she found it difficult to find age appropriate volunteer opportunities for her family. When she learned about Little Hands Can’s mission, it was a match made in heaven! 

In her spare time, Jessica loves to travel and spend quality time with friends and family.


Taylor Jensen, BOard of Directors

Taylor is the financial wizard of Little Hands Can. He is originally from Southeastern Idaho but he and his wife, Hilary, and son, Knox, love the northwest.  Taylor graduated from Idaho State University in 2014 with degrees in Accounting and Finance.  He currently works for Moss Adams LLP, a public accounting firm. 

Taylor enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors and with his family. He really enjoys going backpacking, camping, binge watching TV shows and finding new places to eat out at.  Taylor loves being around kids and the energy that they bring to life.

Taylor joined Little Hands Can in 2016.  He loves being able to see the change that kids make in the world and that is what he hopes to continue to help with Little Hands Can.

Lauren Jackson, BOard of Directors


Lauren is a mother to three young children and a wife to one fantastic husband. Her professional background includes an undergraduate degree in Speech & Hearing Sciences with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology; both from the University of Washington. She spent many years working in pediatrics in a variety of settings.

Lauren first became interested in joining the Little Hands Can team as a way to become involved in the community of Eugene, while fostering a love for service and caring for others in her children. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and being in the beautiful outdoors while running, skiing, hiking or just soaking up the fresh air.

Emily Miska, Board of Directors | Marketing


Emily is an Oregon transplant, having lived in the Midwest for ten years prior to settling in Eugene. She attended Santa Clara University and received her degree in French and Francophone Studies with a minor in Art History. She then went on to earn a degree in Marketing and Communications, which was her professional focus prior to leaving the industry to stay home with her children. 

From childhood to adulthood, Emily has been excited and passionate about giving back to her community through service, and wants to ensure that helping others is a priority for her children as well. Little Hands Can has provided an amazing opportunity to expose Sydney (3) and Walker (9 months) to volunteering at an early age, and Emily is thrilled to be part of the team behind the scenes. 

In her spare time, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and bulldog. The family loves to be outside and explore everything that Oregon has to offer, from hikes and playing at the park to visiting Sun River, Bend, and Portland. 

Zach Zipay, BOard of Directors


Zach is a native of the midwest (Ohio) and recently moved to Eugene in 2018 with his wife and three year old son, George. Zach is a Sales Director at a technology firm (QLess) based out of Los Angeles. QLess, Inc's mission is to eliminate lines throughout the world by using mobile queuing technology such as Apps/text and web remote join.  With more than 10 years experience in the field of government sales, Zach works closely with government agencies – such as cities, counties and state governments – to oversee the deployment and management of SaaS solutions in the government environment.  Zach earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at the Ohio University and his MBA from the University of South Florida in Tampa. He enjoys hiking, camping, running, yoga and live sporting events as well as traveling to experience new cultures and people around the world.