Simple Service: Gnome Your Neighbor!

Simple Service: Gnome Your Neighbor!

I am always looking for Random Acts of Kindness ideas. I remember when I first taught my son, who was 3 years old, what a Random Act of Kindness is. Our first act was giving out balloons in a park. At first he wasn't sure he wanted to share the balloons. As soon as he saw me give a balloon away and the happiness it brought to that person, he tried it out! Ever since, he loves to help come up with acts of kindness ideas!

Looking for a new idea, we were excited to find The Gnome on the Roam! The idea is to spread happiness by leaving these sweet little paper gnomes where others can find them! 

It is free to sign up for the Gnome Your Neighbor Challenge! 

1. Visit the website to sign up and Gustav the Gnome will be sent right to your email to print out.

2. Print out copies and color! Both my sons loved coloring the little Gnomes. 

3. Cut out the Gnomes. We decided to tape the Gnomes to sticks to make them look like they are standing.

4. Add a message of Kindness on the back. If you want to follow other families that participate; their is a Facebook group you can join.

5. Hide your gnomes! We chose to hide ours at a park with forest trails.

We hope you have as much fun as we did with this magical activity! It sure brought smiles to our faces. I hope we were able to spread the cheer!

Simple Service: Mother's Day Tribute & Free Printable

Simple Service: Mother's Day Tribute & Free Printable

Moms are pretty special. When we talk to kids about serving others, usually the first person that they think about is their mothers. Moms are often the first to kiss and bandage scrapes, serve yummy healthy meals, help with homework, and so much more. Despite all that they do for their families, sometimes they don't get much credit. Mother's Day is coming up, May 13th this year, and is the perfect opportunity to show moms that we love them and appreciate their service.

Simple Service: Thank a Teacher

Simple Service:  Thank a Teacher

All of us need recognition and support, and this includes teachers. We don't need to spend a lot of money or buy expensive gifts to make a difference in the world of a teacher.  Simple acts of kindness are sometimes all it takes. Here is how and why my son and I decided not to wait until the end of the school year to thank his teachers!

Simple Service: Hygiene Kits

Simple Service: Hygiene Kits

This month for our service project we helped out the Humanitarian Aid group in our church and put together several hygiene kits for them that they are gathering to take to local shelters. It was simple and easy yet still opened up conversations about how there are people out there who have much less and we need to help out and give back. And also, kids love any activity that involves sorting, grouping, and racing (to assemble bags haha.)